What you see is my frogged Viking Cable CPH. Well, all of it minus the back panel, which has been steeked and framed to become wall art. I could not bear to rip that part out. This is ~800yds of MadTosh Worsted Cherry. I realized that had I focused on knitting for as long as it took me to rip this out, I would have gotten a lot done. This had been seamed. All the ends were woven in. It was a nightmare. No exaggeration. There was swearing. I tossed it on the ground in frustration at one point. But something felt right about frogging today, so after 6 months of sitting in my closet, neglected in a bag, it saw some natural light.

Now, I believe it is time to cast it on just as quickly. I can not bear to have this yarn back in stash and I do not want to have it unused for forever. I think I’m going to make a modified Glee. (ravel it!) If you look at the examples, I plan to make an open deep V-neck. I will not be putting closures on. I hope I have enough to do this; I’d be very sad if I didn’t. I already know I’m going to be in end-weaving hell when I’m done, since so much of this is in smaller balls. When I said it was a nightmare to rip out the CPH, I meant it. In one spot, I couldn’t find the tail for the seaming yarn at all and had to guess & snip. Took me a couple of tries to find the correct one. WHOOPS.

Other then that, no real big project work. I knit a couple of hats since my last post and I’ll get pictures up eventually. The weather has been very rainy and dreary here, which I usually love, but for some reason wasn’t agreeing with me today. However, I ADORE the lower temperatures it brought. I wish it would be in the 70s every day. But I know that realistically, it will not happen until November, which makes me a sad little bunny. I’m not a hot weather kind of gal.

One thought on “Deconstruction

  1. It's been rainy and dreary here in PA as well, but we've gotten cooler weather to go with it. I'm impressed you managed to rip this out. I usually keep things in my closet if I don't like them or if I get pregnant and gain too much weight and then never lose it again (not that I'm bitter). Good luck with Glee. It looks adorable!

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