Show Notes: Episode 118

There aren’t really notes today, kittens, due to low content. I finished my handspun socks and started a little more spinning. I talked a bit about my plans for Tour de Fleece and some other plans for Lamby Toes. Today is a heavy chat episode. If you want to play along in Sock it to Summer, please be sure to join the Knot A Podcast Ravelry group. If you’re interested in mini-skein swaps, check out this FaceBook group.

Thank you for spending some of your time with me today, kitten!

2 thoughts on “Show Notes: Episode 118

  1. Yay!! Thanks for mentioning my Sock Yarn Minis/Scraps Swapping Group on Facebook!! I really love all the details you went into on your sock – where you do your increases and so on. I have a question though, what is your gauge? You said you knit them on US 0, right? But that you’re a tight knitter? I’m curious because I’m a tight knitter too. I usually do my socks on US 2.5 and I get a gauge of about 8 stitches per inch. They fit fine enough but feel alittle big. I’ve knit tons of socks but I’m like you and I’m constantly tweaking things. Thanks!

  2. Lisa, you’re most welcome!

    In an episode earlier this year, I answered some of those questions. I think I mentioned that these days I’m knitting my socks at a gauge of 9-10 spi and averaging around 9.5. I have definitely developed a preference for tighter-knit socks over the years! I gradually changed how I knit my socks, so definitely try going down a half needle size and do not increase the stitch count until you find what you like best. 🙂 I realize now that I started off knitting my socks way too loose, and as you’re describing, they fit well but seemed just a little too big. By the end of the day they would be falling off and the heels would be moving all around my foot.

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