March 2017: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2017:

 January: 1,065yds
February: 1,075yds
March: 1,659yds
2017 Totals: 3,799yds or 2.16 miles

It was an amazing month, kittens! OK. Not really amazing in a lot of ways, but I decided to focus on getting some knits finished and that led to excellent yardage numbers for March. I knit almost a mile’s worth of yarn during that time, and in only two different projects–another 101 yards and I would have! Most of the yardage came from my Find Your Fade Shawl, but a little bit was also knit in the first of my husband’s handspun socks.

All in all, I’m pretty pleased, but I know I can not sit down and knit large portions of the day as often as I did this month. I’m hoping April will still have a strong showing….

Now to figure out what my next larger project will be and get cast on!

How was your March? Did you get much crafting done? Do you have any plans for projects you would like to work on in April?

2015 Stashdown: Wrap-Up


So 2015 has come to a close, and the numbers are in: I’m red all around. On average I stashed twice as much as I managed to work out of my stashes.


I could spend time re-explaining how this happened, but if you read the previous postings about my Stashdown efforts this year you’ll understand why the yarn number was bound to be red no matter what I did. It’s the growing pains of finally counting handspun in and out of stash, and I can live with that. I did stash a little yarn, but it was quite minimal, and I would hazard a guess that at most, it was 1/3 of the amount in. The fiber number hurts a little, however. I knew I was going to be red this year, but I really wasn’t expecting to increase my stash by 120.2 oz, or 7.5 pounds. My stash grew in size from a young toddler and added a newborn to it! I am now living with a 2-3 year old child’s amount of fiber, and it’s starting to burst from the seams. Ouch.

I plan to continue with my efforts and shake this year off. Better things in 2016!

Episode 122: Never-ending School Year

Episode 122: Never-ending School Year

School is still going here in New York, and I’m pretty tired, kittens! I hope you all are enjoying your summer vacations and getting a chance to sleep in. Lamby Toes is set to have an update on Saturday, June 20th, time to be announced. I hope to see you there. Today’s show has a bit of crafting content in the form of an FO and some spinning, as well as a healthy amount of stash enhancement thanks to the Central New York fiber festival that was this past weekend. Sock it to summer is just getting started, so please make sure to join the Knot A Podcast Ravelry group so you can submit those socks! Thank you so much for spending some of your time with me today!

Show Notes: Episode 100

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♥ If you like speckle-y sock yarn, you might want to check out my Etsy

Show Notes: “January be Trollin'”
♥ Today I’m wearing my heavily modified Shalom cardigan that I knit back in February 2010 during the winter Ravelympics. Please click the link to go to my ravelry project page and see the details!

♥ Margo Poncho by Elizabeth Smith. This is considerably too wide, so I will be getting creative to fix this in the coming week! I should have gone with my instinct to choose sizing like I would a sweater rather than fear it would be too close fitting.

♥ 2015 Personal Sock Club: O1 of O8. I finally cast on my Quaere Fibre sock yarn in “Askew.” I realized that my initial impression and disappointment when I received this were spot on. This sale was from over 15 months ago, so I’m not looking for any kind of “fix.” I’m going to keep knitting these and chalk it up as a lesson in being more assertive and taking care of issues right away rather than waiting and hoping I will feel better about it later.

Spinning A Yarn:
♥ I finished my Spun Right Round BFL “Parakeet” 2-ply. It came in at 199.5yds to 3.8oz. It’s a pretty solid worsted weight which is not what I was aiming for.
♥ I continued work on my Spun Right Round “Glee” batt with my AaronMakesStuff spindles. It’s coming along nicely when I have time to work on it.
♥ My current wheel project is my April 2014 MoonRover Riber Club braid. I’m super nervous about how this one will turn out. I may have made clown barf on accident. We shall see.

Let Me Enable You:
♥ Hello Yarn December 2014 club braid has arrived!
♥ I bought another AaronMakesStuff spindle.
♥ I showed some skeins I’ve been dyeing up for Lamby Toes and hope to have in the shop before the weekend is over.

Show Notes: Episode 90

♥ Please come join us in the Ravelry group!
♥ The podcast is now on YouTube, if you prefer to watch there. Please remember to give my videos a thumbs up and do the same for other podcasts you enjoy!

Show Notes: “2 KAL Entry”

Mama VertebraeTML and Chroma
Momijigari socksMoonRover sock yarn

Spinning A Yarn:
Three Waters Farm
♥ Salt City Fiber Works
ITW “Odds & Ends” on my Bosworth Moosie

Let Me Enable You:
♥ MoonRover October 2014 fiber club
Fat Squirrel Fibers small wedge bag